Offsite / Modular Homes

Production Improvement Programme

Offsite / Modular Homes

Production Improvement Programme

We worked with one of the UK’s leading Modular development and construction companies.

Taking an innovative, flexible, and collaborative approach, working as a trusted partner to contractors, developers, and property asset management companies in the design, build, and maintenance of modular construction projects.​

In 2023, our team supported the development and implementation of an improvement plan and governance for operations to increase the capacity and number of units to three per day before the commencement of their next project. 


  • Output capability increased from 1 to 3 modules per day, meeting target goals
  • Production cycle time shortened, enabling faster build fulfillment
  • Reduced labour costs due to de-skilling processes
  • Improved consistency and quality control in module assembly
  • Skill development led to increased job satisfaction and teamwork


Working with the senior leadership team, the engineering function and a selected team from operations, we were quickly able to identify that the existing factory layout would not support the increase in flow from one to three units per day.

Introducing a skills matrix made it obvious that the availability of skilled tradespeople was low, meaning they would have to be in multiple locations at the same time.

Through process study we observed multiple cycles to gain a true reflection of the actual capability of the individual operations and what would be required to gain the required uplift in productivity.


Support the development and implementation of an improvement plan and governance for operations to increase the capacity and number of units to 3 per day before the commencement of their next project.


Develop Consulting introduced a visual “New York Skyline” work balance tool in order to highlight the areas that would require immediate attention. Through a series of “Three-a-Day” trials, non-value added process data and improvement activities were identified.

Working with the Cell Teams, ideas were implemented and non-value added work removed through Kaizen activities. A new factory layout was designed and implemented to maximise product flow.

Standard Operating Procedures were written for the re-designed processes, and reviewed and agreed with the Cell Teams, before implementation.

A new work balance was created to demonstrate the new “Three-a-Day” capability.

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