Our consultants know that problems exist in every sector but solutions aren’t always easy to find. The Improvement Methodology: Lean

Lean thinking and methodology is a way of optimising resources, effort and people to create value for the customer. The core ideas behind Lean, which was developed in the 1950s in Japan through the Toyota Production System, it is about the relentless pursuit of identifying and eliminating waste in all of its forms.

We know that for some organisations, the use of the term Lean isn’t always welcome. So, whilst this is our key improvement methodology, some clients prefer to embed Lean principles through their own organisational improvement programme – typically known as ‘The organisations way’.

Our improvement methodology follows this format:


Easier, better, faster


Ensure that the team we are working with understand the theory and the need behind the change that will be made (knowledge transfer).

Going further together


Design and simulate the changes to highlight problems and challenges before they occur.

Increasing productivity


Implement the change with the team, whilst ensuring they have ownership of the new process. 

Practical Problem Solving (PPS)

One of the most common challenges faced by our clients is the failure to resolve the root cause of issues. PPS is designed to empower teams to resolve issues as they occur. 

By using a hands-on approach, Practical Problem Solving (PPS) is able to identify solutions to the problem, develop plans that are actionable, before guiding your teams through to implement change. Throughout the process we transfer our knowledge to your team, helping them become real world problem solvers.

Understand the issue

Understanding what the issue is and what effect it is having before looking for the root cause of the problem, and why it is occurring.


Our consultants can then help develop a new process or design that resolves the issues and avoids any recurrence, working on improving processes and people.

Implement and report

A new process or design is then created, with understanding on how effective it has been, and reporting processes created so that the resolution can be used elsewhere.

How can Develop Consulting support you with your business?

People and Process. They’re the two key elements of any organisation. So, we work with you and your teams; to improve both.

We’ll help to develop your team to resolve problems at source, understand how Lean principles could improve their working environment and quality and help to develop a culture of continuous improvement across your organisation.

To see these changes, we’ll work on improving processes to deliver improved; quality, capacity, capability, cost of safety.

Our team of experienced consultants is ready to support your organisation to: Go further.

Lean projects

Let us help your business Go further.