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Environmental challenges?

Major investment programmes?

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Develop Consulting are improvement experts working with airport operations and linked organisations to transform how they work by identifying issues and improving performance across all areas of the sector.

From airport security to car parking, passenger throughput and queuing to staff training and challenges of growing volumes, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to deliver increased efficiency, productivity, safety and profitability.

The airport operator challenge

Airports have faced significant challenges in recent years initially with the restrictions on passenger travel during the pandemic and then the sudden surge in people wanting to travel again.  For most it has been surviving the daily and weekly peaks and now the focus must turn towards creating a stable foundation to build upon.

Airports continue to face labour and skills shortages that means every team member is even more important than ever and therefore processes need to be improved and performance is managed at all levels within the organisations.

Security operations are going to go through the most significant change since 2006 when restrictions on liquids were first introduced and it will revolutionise the operation but this is a complex programme of work that has never seen before in the sector and therefore new skills and different experience will be required.

In the future, airlines and passengers will be expecting a level of performance far greater than it has tolerated during recent years and therefore airport operators will be under more pressure than before ensuring on time performance and aircraft turnarounds are consistently improving.  All of this is with a back drop of significant cost pressures and investor expectations on their return on investment.

Many airports are now turning to Develop Consulting to support across the whole airport operations activities redesigning and restructuring processes to make a step change in improving security measures, customer service, efficiency and productivity, while minimising waste and delivering greater profitability.

Working alongside you to help your business Go further.

We realise that sometimes change is difficult, and businesses can’t always see where to start, where their weakest points are and what to prioritise.

Develop Consulting work hands-on alongside your own team to identify and then make the changes needed to stretch your resources further, put robust planning in place and be able to quickly action improvement for real, tangible and sustainable change.

Our delivery.

With much of our team having a first-hand experience of Toyota motor manufacturing in the UK and Japan, our preferred delivery methodology is Lean.

Flexible and robust, Lean improvement methodology has been successfully implemented by major organisations around the world.

Develop Consulting will work with your team to transfer our knowledge, ensuring improvements are sustainable.

Projects we have supported:

Central Search Area – significantly increased passenger throughput and reduced waiting times

Next Generation Security (NGS) – optimised CT lane performance and developed new processes

Passengers with Reduced Mobility – service levels significantly improved whilst increasing team efficiency

Major investment programmes – scoping requirements through to asset delivery

Development and introduction of Continuous Improvement programme – projects delivered multi million pounds

Trained and coached Lean and Continuous Improvement to team members

Resource planning – optimised shift rosters ensuring availability of capacity when required

Optimised Car parking processes – reducing costs and increasing space capacity

Main gate security processes streamlined – reduced both process and waiting times for vehicles passing airside

Motor transport workshop re-organisation – reducing turnaround times and increasing capacity

Airside transportation – optimised routes delivering greater service levels whilst increasing team efficiency


Reducing Airport Passenger Queue Times Project

Throughout our recent project, Develop Consulting delivered a unique style to consultancy support, tailoring result driven attitudes to all levels of the organisation, from Senior Executive to the Operational Teams. Employing a direct approach, they were able to engage with the team, become involved with each process to fully understand associated challenges and constraints, creating a level of trust, and understanding with Operational Teams, enabling a full and independent root and branch analysis.

Their team remained focused on measurable results delivering on process changes that enhance output, with tangible change on performance. Providing added value through influencing and supporting operational change, moving away from the traditional consulting methodology of ‘Review and Report’. A full suite of sustainable tools has been delivered through this project, alongside guidance that empowers all level of the organisation to support effective working practices, encouraging highly motivated and experienced teams to perform at their best each day. Founded on a core principle of accountability, gained through data review, coaching and mentoring, together with embracing proactive leadership.

Dan Evans, Security Contracts Manager, Bristol Airport

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