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Rising Costs?


Staffing Challenges?

Demand exceeding capacity?

Need to Improve?

Rising Costs?

Supply chain issues?

Staffing Challenges?

Demand exceeding capacity?

Need to Improve?

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Develop Consulting are experts in helping offsite construction organisations transform and improve how they work.

For more than 20 years, our team of experienced consultants have been working with organisations across the UK and Europe to identify issues and improve performance.

From working within modular housing factories to delivery on construction sites, our team have delivered operational performance, efficiency, capacity and capability improvement projects, working hand in hand with our clients to deliver increased efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Working alongside you to help Offsite Construction to Go Further

At Develop Consulting, we specialise in collaborating with offsite manufacturing organisations to drive their success, having worked with a number across the UK.

With a significant portion of our team having first hand experience in Toyota motor manufacturing both in the UK and Japan, our preferred delivery methodology is Lean, we are able to use that knowledge within the Offsite Construction setting.

Lean improvement methodology is a flexible and robust approach that has proven successful in major organisations across the globe. We understand the intricacies of implementing Lean principles and techniques, and we are committed to working closely with your team to transfer our knowledge effectively.

Our goal is to ensure that the improvements we facilitate are sustainable in the long term. By partnering with Develop Consulting, your organisation can tap into our expertise and benefit from a tailored approach to enhance operational efficiency, optimise processes, and achieve sustainable growth in the offsite manufacturing sector.

Modular Housing and Construction

Working alongside you to help your business Go further.

We realise that sometimes change is difficult, and businesses can’t always see where to start, where their weakest points are and what to prioritise.

Develop Consulting work hands-on alongside your own team to identify and then make the changes needed to stretch your resources further, put robust planning in place and be able to quickly action improvement for real, tangible and sustainable change.

Our delivery.

With much of our team having a first-hand experience of Toyota motor manufacturing in the UK and Japan, our preferred delivery methodology is Lean.

Flexible and robust, Lean improvement methodology has been successfully implemented by major organisations around the world.

Develop Consulting will work with your team to transfer our knowledge, ensuring improvements are sustainable.

Our support.

Improving manufacturing processes and methods

Reducing product costs through the elimination of waste

Maximising productivity to increase capacity

Introducing controls to improve product quality

Improving planning processes to achieve delivery schedules

Developing and managing supply chains Project Management

Factory design and optimisation

Strategy development and planning

Proud members of the Offsite Alliance

At Develop Consulting, we are proud members of the Offsite Alliance, actively engaging in knowledge sharing, collaborative delivery, and advocating for change in the construction industry.

By staying connected with this group, we stay updated on the latest trends, technologies, and best practices, ensuring that our services are always at the cutting edge. Our commitment extends beyond our organisation as we work to influence policy, standards, and practices, aiming to transform the way we build.

Choosing Develop Consulting means partnering with a team that is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of traditional construction. We embrace the power of collaboration and champion the transformative potential of offsite manufacturing. Together, we can shape the future of building, driving greater efficiency and sustainability in the industry.

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