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Training & Knowledge Transfer

Business Operations

Training & Knowledge Transfer

Our client is a highly reputable and successful Financial Services organisation employing over 125,000 people worldwide.

Owning a number of global high-street chain brands, they offer services from Retail Banking through to Investment Banking. The Insurance Division had grown considerably over the past ten years and consisted of three companies specialising in general branch insurance. As a result of the growth, the Insurance Division recognised the need to develop a new Lean Sigma culture as part of their Continuous Development Programme.

As a new initiative to the business the client was keen to engage with a respected and reputable partner, who could demonstrate extensive experience of the Financial Services sector. Subsequently, our team were selected to guide them through the training programme.
The Lean Sigma training programme was then implemented out across the three companies of the Insurance Division.


The training and knowledge transfer throughout the programme enabled the organisation to embrace a Lean Sigma culture which produced the following benefits:

  • Built internal capacity and capabilities to drive Change Management forward. Black-Belts were now able to transfer their knowledge and train Lean Sigma Green-Belts



The ultimate goal for the Insurance Division was to develop an internal capability to train 24 Lean Sigma Black-Belts over a 4 month period. In order to maximise results, a carefully selected team of junior and middle management were chosen to be trained at Black-Belt level.

Successful knowledge transfer carried out in the training would allow the trained Black-Belts to:

  • Reduce waste and inefficiencies in project hand-off processes across departments
  • Drive business process excellence to create a new ‘Business As Usual’ culture
  • Significantly increase customer service levels
  • Reduce costs by £1 million


Working closely with the client, our team initially developed a bespoke training package which was used throughout the organisation to build internal capability.

The key elements of the programme included:

  • A combination of classroom and activity based training was used to develop and deploy Lean Sigma bespoke tools and techniques
  • A fit-for-purpose training programme with hands-on coaching and mentorship of Black-Belts, this included a delivery of sustainable cross-department process improvement project
  • Various Lean and Six-Sigma tools were used to support the training including; Process Mapping, Visual Stream Mapping, Statistical Tools such as Graphical Analysis and innovative tools such as Brain-Storming to Mind-Mapping
  • Leadership and Project management tools including RACI analysis, Change Management and Leadership training were also used

In order to add value to the overall training programme Black-Belts were encouraged to bring project work to the training to use as working examples.

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