Aviation MRO – Layout Improvements


Aviation MRO – Layout Improvements

Develop Consulting supported one of the largest independent providers of aviation services and technical solutions in the world, to improve their production areas and implement Continuous Improvement methodologies to empower change.


  • Production areas spread reduced from 5 to 3 buildings
  • Projected Revenue per Square Metre improved by 53%
  • Backlog reduced and sustained (Benefit also to improved Component Turn Around Time (TAT))
  • Production areas configured to absorb all projected growth to the end of the defined planning period
  • Managers and Mechanics coached and practicing Continuous Improvement

Initial Observations

  • High levels of obsolete, duplicated and excess items located in the workshops
  • High levels of ‘dead space’ between the production areas
  • The location of production ‘Centre’s of Excellence’ were fragmented across 5
  • Buildings leading to difficulty in management and control
  • There was low evidence of flow for components or materials through the areas
  • Excessive space allocation to production backlog storage
  • High resistance to change from a long established workforce


  • Improve ‘Revenue per square metre’ by 50%
  • Configure MRO workshops to absorb projected major growth
  • Configure areas to improve Operational Efficiency (waste reduction) through adoption of Lean principles
  • Configure areas to support Single Piece Flow where appropriate
  • Develop backlog reduction and sustainability plan
  • Coach the workforce in deployment of Continuous Improvement and empower change


  • Rigorous 5’S activity to identify and remove no need equipment, tooling and fixtures
  • High level evaluation of optimum departmental location
  • Forecast impact of projected growth on space requirements (individually for each Centre of Excellence)
  • Calculated space requirement for each department
  • Development of optimised layout configurations for each shop, incorporating
  • Lean Principles Key Point – Full Involvement of Departmental Managers and Mechanics throughout the activity

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