Airport Operators

Airbus: production process

Airport Operators

Airbus: production process

The client is positioned as one of the worlds leading and largest aircraft manufacturers, they have five spare part centres, 160 field sites and three fully fledged training centres globally.

They employ 56,000 people, producing a comprehensive range of commercial aircraft and being renowned for their efficiency, innovation, economy and safety. Manufacturing, production and sub assembly of parts for customer aircrafts are distributed by 16 sites in Europe, with final assembly in Toulouse, Hamburg and Tianjin. Our team were working within the Southern France site.


3 days of lead time reduction

Inventory saving of 1 fuselage sets and 2 aircrafts, equals 36.7 million Euros


No standard work available
High waiting time due to unbalanced work
No controlled visual follow-up system in place
No structured system in place for line balancing
Duplication of work within the office processes
No structured communication between departments resulting in passing through of incorrect information


Streamline the Final Assembly Line to cope with increased demand of work
Reducing Lead time for the concession process (office process). Currently this jeopardises the release of the aircraft for the ground test & test flight
Coaching & knowledge transfer to the local management team and Lean implementation group



Creation of current state value stream map for the production process & concession process


Assignment of a pilot area
Work order study
Creation of Yamazumies
Creation of standard work for the assembly line
Implementation of 5S in the production area

Set –up of KPI’s for the production areas (SQCDP)
Implementation of a sustainable process confirmation system for all levels
Introduction of problem & countermeasure follow-up
Creation of andon system to raise concerns


Development of a new procedure for the concession process
Determination of Roles & Responsibilities for the involved departments
Creation standard documents for the concession registration
Creation of andon system to raise concerns


On the job training of the local Lean implementation group during the entire project
Training of entire management, staff and teams in the Lean Tools

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