Aviation Component MRO


Aviation Component MRO

Develop Consulting supported one of the largest independent providers of aviation services and technical solutions in the world, to reduce their turn around time, reduce serviceable component stock levels and develop a core internal team in ‘Continuous Improvement’ culture and methodology.


  • Turn Around Time reduced by 50% in 8 months
  • Liquidation of Serviceable Stock made possible through reduced TAT approximately $1M
  • Core Project Team coached and capable of running medium sized improvement projects with minimal support

Initial Observations

  • Turn around time is highly erratic
  • There is low visibility of backlog (WIP) condition
  • There is no standardised procedure to plan resource requirements to match production volume
  • There is little structured activity to continuously improve the production processes
  • Low synchronisation of activities between internal departments, resulting in excessive delay
  • No standardised conveyance system resulting in variable time for delivery and transfer of materials and components


  • Reduce turn around time
  • Reduce serviceable component stock levels
  • Develop a core internal team in ‘Continuous Improvement’ culture and methodology


  • Current state and future state value stream mapping for each component shop to identify bottlenecks and waste
  • Collation of results across all value streams identified generic problems which affected every production area
  • Project ‘Master Schedule’ developed to address each of the generic concerns

TAT Challenge Activity:

  • Our team coached in structured activity to challenge constraints and bottle necks
  • Managers fully involved to ensure maximum knowledge transfer using our brief, simulate, do, project methodology
  • Inter-departmental synchronisation and service level agreements challenged

Example Result

  • Wheels overhaul TAT previously 26 days. Proven capability during TAT challenge – 3.2 Days

Materials Availability:
Team coached development of ‘Point of Use’ materials storage
High consumption volume materials storage point brought to the point of use

Example Result

  • Delivery time for high consumption materials reduced from as high as 3 hours, to around 5 minutes
  • Visualisation and standardised control parameters developed to support management of backlog (WIP)
  • Standardised conveyance procedure developed and rolled out to ensure deliveries were always made every 30 minutes

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