Airport Operators

Parking Process Optimisation

Airport Operators

Parking Process Optimisation

Introducing a new optimised parking process and IT system​.

During the previous summer, the UK’s fastest-growing airport faced a parking space shortage, leading to control and efficiency problems, including inefficient valet operations and loss of customer keys. The automated parking system was not optimised to gain the most from the land available.​

Develop Consulting were brought in to address these challenges by mapping processes, implementing a manual key allocation system, and introducing performance KPIs. We also provided support during the transition, leading to the development of a more efficient process.​


  • ​£400k staffing cost avoidance​
  • Parking capacity increased without physically expanding, to meet passenger increase​
  • 20% improvement in Valet Parking efficiencies ​
  • New IT system successfully implemented on time before the critical Easter peak period​
  • 100% tracking of all keys, eliminating lost customer keys​
  • Reduction in vehicle damage​
  • Increased customer satisfaction ​
  • ROI: 18:1


During the previous summer, parking space at the UK’s fastest-growing airport post-COVID had exceeded the available parking land available. This resulted in limited control and record-keeping of passenger vehicle parking locations. Valet parkers were operating inefficiently, mainly conducting one-way journeys to park or retrieve vehicles rather than combining them for increased efficiency. Additionally, vehicle keys were frequently lost, resulting in a high level of customer dissatisfaction.​

The parking system faced inefficiencies, including vacant rows during off-peak times, a lack of designated zones for different stay durations, and a disorganised layout. Moreover, there were no designated areas for vehicles with return dates, limited time slots, and haphazard space allocation without considering flight schedules or parking duration guidelines. Adjustments and extensions were unavailable, leading to sub-optimal space utilization and operational challenges.​


  • Map the current and optimised future key processes.​
  • Design and implement a manual, rather than automated, key allocation process to enhance efficiency in valet parking.​
  • Introduce performance management KPIs to assess current performance levels and improve performance when below standard.​
  • Provide support to the team during the transition.


By seeking cross-functional understanding, the current key processes were mapped, revealing differences between shifts and how the ground team executed the operation compared to the assumed process. With input from the team, a new optimised process was developed, focusing on value-added activities and reducing non value-added activities. An interim process was established for controlled testing during quieter operational periods. Through mapping both the current and future states, and with group and individual coaching by Develop Consulting, this significant change was successfully implemented with full team buy-in.​

Collaborating with the airport IT team and the software provider, updates were made to the software to align with the new process flow. Following software testing with the team, Develop Consulting led improvement changes, which were implemented in time for additional testing before the final rollout.​

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