Lead Time Reduction Programme


Lead Time Reduction Programme

Develop Consulting supported one of the most successful and sophisticated motor yacht builders in the world, helping them achieve a reduction in build time, whilst improving manufacturing processes and quality, releasing significant savings and creating additional manufacturing capacity.


  • Savings  of  over  £2.5m  (with  large  savings  in  Scheduling  and  Moulding).
  • Reduced  man  hours  per  boat  build  by  54,300  (from  120,000  hours  to  65,700  hours).  A  reduction  of  45.25%  –  saving  £1.3m.
  • Return  on  Investment  of  12:1  from  project  improvements  based  on  reduction  of  man  hours  (excluding  other  costs  such  as  rework  &  waiting  time).
  • Increased  capacity  by  50%  allowing  the  production  of  2  additional  boats  per  year  with  an  opportunity  to  increase  sales  by  £30m  –  £44m.


From discussions with the client it became clear that a number of issues were causing the build time of each boat to slip dramatically beyond the planned build times. The client recognised that a reduction in build time, whilst improving manufacturing processes and quality, could release significant savings and create additional manufacturing capacity.


A proposal was put forward to the client with recommendations to implement the following items:

  • Reduction in build hours to help achieve planned hours by daily focus meetings with the management team to identify and close out boat stopping concerns.
  • Train, Mentor and support management with build hour’s reduction by creating bespoke tools to visualise status.
  • Increased understanding and tracking of budgeted hours and actual hours with clear and concise KPI’s developed and led by the client. KPI’s helped identified work in progress and completed tasks.
  • Efficiency – Trade based Block Plans. Each trade separated into work required to be completed each week. This visual tool shows the build story for each trade, detailed elements / Standardised Work and status of completion at a glance.
  • Visualisation & Management Control with simple, clear & concise tools, manpower tracking, utilisation, capacity, resource availability.
  • Leadership Development to help upskill manager to take more ownership of their teams, build hours and problems.
  • PPS training and roll out to help teams gain an understanding of how to find the root cause of repeat concerns.

Throughout the contract the Develop Consulting worked closely with the PYI management to ensure all the tools listed above where implemented and sustained.

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