PCN Pharmacy Procedure Improvement


PCN Pharmacy Procedure Improvement

Our team was invited to help create and implement a standardised procedure for ordering repeat prescriptions for seven care homes, six pharmacies and three GP practices within a PCN.

There was a high degree of variability within the current process which allowed for errors and inappropriate requests, causing delays in time and unnecessary costs. We looked to digitise the system and resolve issues.


  • A new streamlined and robust process designed to enhance patient safety and reduce inappropriate medicine requests.
  • Developed strong leadership, teamwork and a collective approach with the sole representative GP engaged and effectively communicating with all parties.
  • New systems allowed comprehensive data collection and analysis of findings.


  • It was difficult to release the staff over the same time to take part in the programme
  • A GP would have to be assigned to work alongside Develop Consulting to help support the plans


  • To save money and time for the PCN
  • Create a system to take away errors and inappropriate requests, delays and unnecessary costs
  • Improve the patient experience


Develop Consulting needed to work with a lead GP to implement the programme on behalf of the practices, pharmacies and care home teams. Whilst the working group was drawn from across the practices, pharmacies and care homes, due to the busy nature of their business, the Covid-19 impact and their individual priorities, it was impossible to release the staff at the same time. Therefore a GP lead was assigned to work alongside Develop Consulting and develop the plans, identify options and plan the redesign of the processes and systems. The lead GP would then work with the teams individually or by practice/pharmacy/care home team and act as the link between all areas to understand the issues, highlight concern areas, redevelop processes and implement the changes.

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