Designing an ASHN restructure to radically change processes


Designing an ASHN restructure to radically change processes

A health science network based in the south of England was looking to improve its patient experience within the healthcare industry.

The service had a three-year contract with the NHS renewed however they wanted to deliver their products and projects better. Their business model was not sustainable, so Develop Consulting were called on initially to run a workshop and then deliver serious change.


  • The reorganisation reduced the overspend of £650,000 per annum down to £0
  • Small scape improvements, including day-to-day meetings and improving communication
  • Executive staff visibly enthused with the coaching, allowing them to think through projects and plan how to do them differently
  • Introduction of new technology, such as SLACK, allowing for greater communication within teams
  • Project and products put on track and delivered efficiently, and cost-effectively


  •  Looking at the services biggest projects to get a true picture of the organisation
  • Pinpointing two major problems – project management and overspend in budget


  • Working closely with the Chief Executive to agree on a restructuring of the whole organisation


  •  Improving project delivery by separating them, re-grouping and prioritising them to ensure timelines were kept
  • Arranging comprehensive training on project management and education on methodologies
  • Two consulting employees onboarded to provide direct support to managers in handling risks and issues
  • Daily meetings and small-scale changes introduce to improve communications and efficiency for all employees

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