Develop Consulting Outlines Plain Sailing through Airport Security Changes for 2024.

22 Sep 2023

As the airport operations sector undergoes major security changes for June 2024, UK airports are on the brink of a significant security update that could reshape passenger experience.

Develop Consulting’s Manufacturing and Operations Director, Steve Clark, sheds light on how Lean Methodology can play a pivotal role in implementing these security changes efficiently and effectively.

Ahead of the UK government ditching the requirements to remove liquids and laptops from hand luggage during security checks, major changes are about to become underway behind the scenes at all airports. This is in readiness for the major-shake-up which will be taking place as of June 2024 which is hoped will bring shorter queues in airports.

For the first time since 2006 air passengers will be allowed to pass through security carrying two litre bottles of liquid, where the current limit is 100ml. Also, the liquids will no longer have to be in plastic bags, and laptops and tablets won’t have to be removed from bags as they pass through the x-ray machines. UK airports will be installing 3D scanners, which will allow security staff to ‘zoom in’ on items within travellers’ luggage, and even ‘rotate’ the images to have a deeper inspection.

But while this will provide plane sailing for passengers, the work behind the scenes on the run-up to this for airports is huge being the biggest change in security operations for the past 18 years.  The financial investments required are significant with most airports undergoing infrastructure changes, all whilst continuing to ensure passenger disruption is kept to the minimum.

It is with these changes, that Develop Consulting’s Manufacturing and Operations Director Steve Clark, says that Lean Methodology can be utilised to help with these upcoming regulatory amends.

Mr Clark said: “Lean Methodology has a proven track record of driving operational excellence across various industries, and the aviation sector is no exception. As we anticipate regulatory changes in airport security, we see an opportunity to leverage Lean principles and revolutionise security operations streamlining security processes, reducing waste, and enhancing the overall passenger experience.”

“With the implementation of the new hi-tech scanners, airport authorities face the challenge of adapting their security procedures to optimise these advancements. Lean Methodology offers a structured approach to identifying inefficiencies, standardising processes, and continuously improving security measures to embrace technological advancements,” he added.

Develop Consulting’s expertise in Lean Methodology across many different sectors makes them well-positioned to assist UK airports in embracing these changes seamlessly. Mr Clark highlighted the firm’s commitment to providing tailored solutions that address the unique needs of each airport, while ensuring compliance with the latest regulations.  Develop Consulting has led many major operations investment programmes across many sectors.

“Whilst the investment in the equipment is the key driver for the airports it is essential that the changes in the coming year are considered as a programme of work as there are so many sub-projects such as recruitment, training, processes and the passenger journey which will all determine the level of success”, Mr Clark highlighted.

“We understand that each airport has its own set of challenges and requirements, and that’s where Lean Methodology becomes invaluable. By working closely with airports and key stakeholders, we can identify areas for improvement, optimise security processes, and develop solutions that enhance both security and passenger experience, especially during the implementation phase,” he said.

“Lean Methodology fosters a culture of continuous improvement, allowing airports to adapt and evolve their security practices in response to changing threats and technological advancements. We are already working with a number of airports within the UK to help with this process, and are now a member of the Airport Operations Association which gives us an even deeper insight into this sector which is proving invaluable to us,” said Mr Clark.

As UK airports prepare to embrace the future of airport security with cutting-edge technology, Develop Consulting stands ready to support the industry in optimising their security processes using Lean Methodology. By collaborating with airport operations, the company aims to elevate security standards, reduce operational inefficiencies, and create a safer, more seamless experience for passengers.

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