Develop Consulting builds for the future by joining Offsite Alliance

21 Jul 2023

Consultancy firm Develop Consulting joins the Offsite Alliance: Revolutionising the Construction Industry

Develop Consulting is thrilled to announce that it has become a member of the association which is working to pave the way for innovation and collaboration in Offsite Construction.

This partnership will ensure that the consultancy is able to help in the significant steps to embrace and promote the power of offsite construction methods, driving efficiency, sustainability, and innovation across the sector.

The Offsite Alliance is a dynamic collaboration of industry leaders, experts, and organisations dedicated to advancing the adoption and implementation of offsite manufacturing and construction techniques.

Steve Clark, Manufacturing and Construction Director for Develop Consulting said: “By joining forces with the Offsite Alliance, we are demonstrating our commitment to driving positive change within the construction industry and spearheading the adoption of cutting-edge solutions through the use of Lean Methodology.

“The offsite sector is a sweet spot for us due to our vast experience in supporting the delivery of many of the UK landmark construction projects and also improving the performance of some of the best-known manufacturing companies around the world.  We have worked with a number of offsite construction companies both overseas and in the UK as pioneers in the field in making processes better within the industry, we are able to bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the Offsite Alliance.

Develop Consulting members of Offsite Alliance

“We have an impressive track record of successful projects with world-leading companies across various sectors, including manufacturing, construction, logistics, and airport operations, which means, Develop Consulting is well-positioned to contribute our unique insights and strategies to further enhance the offsite construction sector too,” he added.

The Offsite Alliance and Develop Consulting share a vision of transforming traditional construction practices and to demonstrate that offsite manufacturing processes can be streamlined, meaning productivity can be enhanced.

Steve added: “This membership aims to create a platform for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and innovation, fostering a community that champions offsite construction as the future of the industry so we are proud to be onboard.”

Gaynor Tennant from the Offsite Alliance said: “We are thrilled to welcome new members to the Offsite Alliance. Not only do our members love to get involved with all of the Offsite Alliance activities, but their collaboration also strengthens our collective voice and momentum for change in the construction industry. We are excited to welcome Develop Consulting to our community and look forward to working together to make more positive changes.”

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