Develop Consulting Jumps On Board with Airport Operators Association

13 Feb 2023
Consultancy firm Develop Consulting have jumped on board with the Airport Operators Association (AOA) and become members for the first time.


Develop Consulting Airport Operators Assocation


The association works with nearly 50 airports and over 100 associate members, now including Develop Consulting, to represent the range of suppliers to the aviation industry. It aims to influence governments, regulators and opinion formers at both national and international levels.

The membership will mean that consultants will be able to keep up-to-date with the latest policy amendments whilst also offering advice from a practical level on how airports can implement both these changes and productivity improvements.

Steve Clark, Manufacturing and Construction Director said they were really proud to now be members of the AOA and were looking forward to meeting new contacts.

He said: “There are so many policy changes coming through so it’s imperative that we are kept up-to-date with these as they happen which is why being a part of the AOA is so important to us. In turn this will mean we are able to assist the airports we work with and implement them quickly and efficiently.

“One of the major upcoming changes will be to security rules on liquids from June 2024. This will mean major airports in the UK will have to have the latest security technology installed which is a huge undertaking for them in the coming months.

“We are already working with some airports on this project along with reducing queuing times and ways to improve passenger experience, from security, car parking and passengers requiring special assistance. We can help by working directly with them by bringing our expertise with processes and optimising teams performance. This can be by establishing Continuous Improvement programmes, strategy, layout design and driving change in airports, through our hands on approach,” he said.


AOA Policy Director Christopher Snelling said: “We would like to welcome Develop Consulting on board and know that their input to the association will be invaluable. We look forward to seeing them at our annual conference and regular meetings we hold throughout the UK.”


For more details about the AOA visit


To find out more about the work Develop Consulting does within the airport sector, visit this link.


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