New Brand Design for fast-growing Consultancy

22 Nov 2021

Healthcare, manufacturing and construction Lean consultancy Develop Consulting has today revealed its new brand identity.

Develop Consulting New Branding

The Midlands based consultancy, which works across the UK, revealed its new design to take it through to the next phase of its growth and direction since its inception three years ago.

Develop Consulting, which this month reached its milestone, also recently announced its largest recruitment drive as it launched its hunt for 20 new consultants across the three sectors this autumn.

Steve Boam, CEO of Develop Consulting, said: “We really are heading in a strong direction for the company and wanted our brand to showcase our relentless pursuit of operational excellence across healthcare, manufacturing and construction.

“We wanted to show that from the boardroom to the hospital ward or shop floor, our consultants deliver real value to organisations through their support in implementing real change and improving efficiency, quality and delivery for every client we work with” he said.

The company worked alongside Creative Director Steve Price for four months to create the new brand design, brand identity, mission, vision and values.

Steve Price said: “We made sure we incorporated the ideas and views of the whole of Develop Consulting when we were coming up with the new brand design, as this was important to the whole process, as well as making sure the brand sits correctly within the market. A new brand is more than just a new logo, it’s the process behind the design, colours, tag line and where the company then wants to position itself.”

“The X icon in Develop Consulting’s new logo is an abstract depiction of the initials D & C. In algebra, X represents ‘a value not yet known’ which is appropriate for Develop’s client organisations on their journey toward being the best versions of themselves,” he added.

The new tagline, ‘Go further’ also represents Develop Consulting’s desire to take a company further through its knowledge of the Lean methodology and ensure to transfer knowledge so that process can be continued long after they have completed their projects.

The brand launch also includes a new website, company literature and client gifting.

Steve Boam added: “We are thrilled with our new branding as we feel it really reflects our vision for the future, and we are really looking forward to taking our clients along with us as we achieve excellence and help them go further.”

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