Streamlined improvements brought in to help Bristol Airport passengers take off

14 Sep 2021

A Midlands-based consultancy has partnered with Bristol Airport to improve the customer experience.

Develop Consulting have been working closely with the newly formed Continuous Improvement Team at the Airport over the past four months to help travellers have a smoother journey.

With travel restrictions being eased, the Airport has been keen to ensure that all processes within the terminal were as slick and stress-free as possible, and with customers benefiting from the best experience possible while using the Airport.

Steve Clark, Manufacturing and Construction Director for the Lean and transformation business Develop Consulting, has been working alongside the team and Andrew Goodenough, Infrastructure Director at the Airport, on the project.

The Airport team has been given intense training in Lean methodology, which is a process which originated from the Toyota Production System (TPS) and follows the relentless pursuit of identifying and eliminating waste in all forms, including time and transport. The team were then coached to practically implement the skills to improve their projects.

Over 50 main areas of focus were identified through the project and Steve was also able to not only coach and advise the team, but also support in the development of a data dashboard to efficiently manage the airport on a day-to-day basis, along with improving project management. The dashboard allows the airport team to measure and assess the points more concisely, along with continuing to use their new skills in managing the site.

Steve said: “It has been a pleasure working with the team at Bristol Airport and it was great to be able to put some building blocks in place for when the customer numbers increase over the coming months and help them manage their airport on a daily basis much more effectively and efficiently. Our next steps are to roll out the Lean tools to the rest of the workforce from autumn onwards.

“These past 18 months have been very difficult in many industries, especially the airline sector, so it was great to be able to step in and help the teams start afresh with new processes for the forthcoming period of travel which we are starting to see, and assist in giving the customer a better experience as they do so,” he said.

Andrew Goodenough, Infrastructure Director, Bristol Airport added: “We are delighted to partner with Develop Consulting to review and improve the customer processes at Bristol Airport. As a business we are committed to using innovation and continuous improvement techniques to build back better and greener after the impacts of Covid. Develop Consulting have delivered training modules, tools and techniques to equip the teams across the business to meet the ongoing demands of being a business embracing continuous improvement ways of working.”

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