Five Minutes With.. Sajid Khan

18 Mar 2021

Today we are speaking to Sajid Khan who has worked with Develop Consulting for the past seven years.

Healthcare consultant Develop Consulting UK

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I have worked across both public and private sectors, and have led, managed and delivered high profile, high value and complex whole system transformation programmes within multiple large NHS Acute Trusts and the Primary Care sectors. I have over 12 years within the healthcare sector and have supported over 1000 GP practices through a change and improvement programme on a national scale.

What is your speciality in consulting?
I am able to combine practical Lean Principals and the Toyota Production System within the healthcare sector, which are improvement techniques that deliver tangible results.

How has your work and advice to clients changed since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic?
It’s been a really interesting time over these past 12 months. While our advice hasn’t changed, it has just brought up different challenges. I have supported clients through this period with new and developing changes they are facing, such as adaptions in legislation, policy and the use of technology. What has been important is improving the patient journey, their quality of care and experience. We have had to adapt and mobilise to the changing landscape.

How do you see your sector changing over the next few months as we emerge from this?
We have to adapt and mobilise within the changing landscape of the health care sector. The key to the next few months is to reset and recover. A big change has come to acute care and the NHS and we are looking as to what can do next, looking at longer-term goals, rather than the here and now that we have had to all deal with over the last year. We are helping put in strategy and direction with a collaborative and community base. The outcome is to help serve the needs of the population.

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