Develop Consulting Launches CSR Policy

22 Feb 2023

Develop Consulting has launched its new corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy for employees to give them a chance to work more alongside the community.

The consultancy, revealed its new policy to allow paid leave for employees who are looking to undertake voluntary work or similar activities.

The policy, which was put in place earlier this year, has been designed to help people give back to their communities via volunteer work, and is to help build the culture it promotes about volunteering, skills matching and fundraising.

Already a number of consultants have taken up the opportunity, including Andy Hicks, managing consultant who has volunteered within the scouting movement for the past 12 years.

Andy will be using his CSR time to continue to support a movement that is close to his heart, and has said the extra day he now has available will be to continue working with the group to go on leave to cover the eventing days that regularly take place throughout the calendar.

“Develop Consulting have been incredibly supportive of my working with the Scouts throughout the period of employment with them. But with this CSR day now in place, it will mean that I get a supported volunteering day which means I don’t need to use up annual leave to cover events such as the summer camp. This is a massive help in allowing me to balance my job, family life and also working with the Scouts, so I am going to be thrilled to use it in the near future,” he said.

Develop Consulting’s CEO Steve Boam added how important it is for the business to support wider social issues.

“We know a lot of our consultants and employees all work hard and want to make sure they maintain a good work-life balance at the same time, which can be especially hard as they work throughout the UK. We do have regular team days which are always a good way for us to be able to meet and plan, but having a day when they can also look at their own commitments out of work, and help within their own communities, is also important.

“Andy working with the Scouting movement is a prime example of this and he puts a lot of his own personal time into helping youngsters learn new skills and develop self confidence, which is vital for their future. Having this policy is something we have looked to do for some time now and so to be able to offer it to our employees and make a small bit of difference to other people’s lives, is really important to us all,” he added.

You can read more about Andy working within the Scouting movement, here.

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