Five Minutes With … healthcare consultant Chanbir Kalyan

06 Sep 2023

In today’s Five Minutes With… we speak to healthcare consultant Chanbir Kalyan about her work within General Practices throughout England


Can you tell us about your background and your journey to working with Develop Consulting?

I come from a clinical background in Radiotherapy and Oncology, with experience in both the NHS and private healthcare industry. My focus has always been on improving efficiency while maintaining and exceeding quality standards. This journey led me to various roles where continuous improvement was essential. I’ve worked as a Clinical Operations Specialist, CQC Registered Manager and Clinical Project Manager, honing my skills in transforming healthcare services. It’s great to be able to bring this experience to Develop Consulting’s Healthcare team.

What prompted you to transition from your clinical role to consultancy?

Over the years, I realised that my skills in clinical and operational management could be applied to a broader context. I wanted to make a positive impact on healthcare systems beyond my immediate work environment. Develop Consulting’s reputation for excellence in training and consultancy drew me in, offering the perfect platform to share my expertise and drive transformative change.

How has your experience in clinical and operational roles contributed to your consultancy work at Develop Consulting?

My clinical and operational roles have given me a deep understanding of the challenges healthcare professionals face daily. Whether it’s improving patient access, maintaining quality care, or boosting staff morale, I’ve been on the frontlines of addressing these issues. This first hand experience helps me tailor our consultancy services to meet the unique needs of healthcare teams, ensuring practical solutions that drive positive change.

Could you share an example of a project where your clinical background played a crucial role in delivering successful outcomes?

One notable project involved transforming cancer centres across the UK. Using Lean methodologies, I implemented clinical and operational initiatives that enhanced patient-centred care. By focusing on improving patient access and quality, we achieved remarkable results in patient satisfaction. The experience of working directly with patients and healthcare professionals helped me identify the most effective strategies for positive change.

How has your transition from remote to on-site sessions impacted your work with healthcare teams?

The transition to on-site sessions has been immensely beneficial. It has allowed me to build stronger rapport with healthcare teams, gaining insights into their challenges and goals. Face-to-face interactions have facilitated better communication and a deeper understanding of their needs. This has translated into more effective support and guidance, helping teams achieve their targets and create positive changes.

In the current healthcare landscape, what are the key themes you’ve observed in your consultancy projects?

The pandemic has accelerated changes in healthcare, prompting teams to rapidly adapt and implement new processes. Healthcare professionals are focused on ensuring patient safety, access, and quality of care while managing increased demand. Themes of continuous improvement, efficient workflows, and patient-centred approaches have emerged as essential strategies. I’ve been privileged to support teams in embracing these changes and embedding a culture of improvement.


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Looking ahead, what are your aspirations for your role at Develop Consulting in the healthcare sector?

My goal is to continue supporting healthcare teams across the UK to achieve excellence in patient care and operational efficiency. I’m excited to further integrate Lean methodologies and Develop Consulting’s training modules to drive continuous improvement. As the healthcare landscape evolves, I aim to empower teams with the tools and strategies they need to navigate challenges successfully and deliver outstanding care.

How do you see Develop Consulting contributing to the transformation of healthcare in the coming years?

Develop Consulting has a proven track record of delivering exceptional training and consultancy services across various sectors. In healthcare, I see us playing a pivotal role in equipping teams with the skills, knowledge, and mindset needed to drive transformative change. By fostering a culture of continuous improvement, patient-centred care, and efficient processes, we can collectively contribute to a brighter future for healthcare services and professionals.


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