Consultancy launches campaign to help businesses during soaring inflation

01 Feb 2023

Healthcare, manufacturing and construction Lean consultancy Develop Consulting has today launched its ‘Go further.’ campaign to guide businesses through the challenges caused by the current rapid inflation.

With prices rising at an alarming rate throughout the UK in energy, fuel, the supply chain, resources and staffing, the next few months look difficult for many businesses.

And while it may seem counter-intuitive to invest in consultancy support at a time when everyone is looking at budgets, Develop Consulting has stressed now is the important time to bring in experts to assist to reduce waste, streamline processes, retain staff and maximise profitability.



Develop Consulting CEO Steve Boam said: “We have had so many enquiries from businesses throughout the UK who are struggling and or can see the coming months being very challenging and are turning to us for our advice. This can be from recruiting or retaining people, to their supply chain which has been very unsteady these last few months, and of course to energy costs which seem to be going through the roof at the moment.

“But how organisations control this? How do you do more with your people, more with your supply chain, more with your operations because you can’t afford to make major changes like moving premises or factories, and then there is the issue of finding the right people to staff it. So, companies need to look at how to work with what you have got, develop your people and processes to get more capacity and quality.

“Through our Lean and Continuous Improvement processes we are able to guide companies and healthcare organisations through this time to find more efficiency in what they have already got. When a company is facing circumstances such as those at the moment, it is hard not to panic, which is why bringing in an outside organisation has proved many times over the efficiencies it can bring into place and quickly. But it’s not just about writing a report and leaving the company to ‘get on with it’, we look to help lead your staff implement improvements, train them in the right skillset they need to not only develop themselves but continue the improvement well after we have left and build upon getting the company into a much stronger position within their sector,” he added.

Organisations thinking about implementing Lean methodologies to see themselves through this period are encouraged to find out more about by visiting this article.

For companies looking to discuss taking their business further, this link or call 024 7736 0164.

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