Consultancy Head Predicts Strong 2022

07 Jan 2022

The head of a leading consultancy in the Midlands has forecast a strong year ahead as they support businesses striving to overcome the challenges of 2021.

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Steve Boam, the CEO of Coventry-based Develop Consulting, believes that consultants can offer hands-on support to companies throughout the UK as they resurface from the knock-on effects of the pandemic and supply chain impacts.

Mr Boam, who has lead a boutique consultancy specialising in healthcare, manufacturing and construction for the past three years, said external challenges from supply chain issues, resourcing and process constraints had left some companies struggling to perform or grow to meet their orders and customer demand. Partnering with the right consultancy could become invaluable to add expertise and experience.

He said: “Consultancies can come into businesses to offer practical support and add vital capacity and capability which will support them do well in the coming months. Many business leaders find there is sometimes little room for analysis and report creation and there is need to execute through hands-on support, which is what we specialise in and have built our brand upon.

“Last year was strong for our sector and there is still a good pull from clients wanting support from consultants at present. This is mainly in sectors where capacity is constrained and companies need to increase output and performance to meet customer demands. Many of the low volume, high value manufacturing sectors are experiencing this, for example luxury cars, boats and caravans. The reason for seeking help from consultants is that expertise and capacity is lacking in many businesses trying to cope with the day-to-day challenges and grow or meet demands,” he said.

But Mr Boam warned that the year wouldn’t come without challenges, as being able to find the very best and experienced consultants was key as more support was needed from clients.

However, he added with a changing working world, the consultancy sector would continue to thrive as long as the sector was open to broadening its own skillset.

“As the world wakes up to the environmental challenges and the need to think seriously about changing the way we operate, many businesses are starting to think about what they can do and how to plan for the future. As ever there will be early adopters and once legislation dictates a huge movement towards the green agenda. We are already thinking about how we can support the early adopters and how operational improvement and process redesign can benefit waste reduction, carbon emissions and the need to environmentally improve.”

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