Midlands Consultancy Boosts Recruitment With Strong 2023 Predictions

03 Jan 2023

Midlands-based improvement consultancy, Develop Consulting, have started a recruitment drive with strong predictions for 2023.

The consultancy, which focuses on improving the operational performance of organisations in manufacturing, construction and healthcare sectors, has already grown its team significantly over the past year, with a number of new recruits brought in to meet customer demand.

However, Develop Consulting’s CEO Steve Boam believes demand will continue to increase into the new year and more talent will be needed to cope with unprecedented demand.

He said: “With the challenging economic circumstances, issues around supply chain and the knock-on effect that has to logistics operations, as well as the well documented staffing and skills shortages faced by many businesses, our support is in high demand.

“Companies are asking us to help them do more with less, which is what we do best and why we are being contacted by businesses throughout the UK to provided this extra support to help them survive and thrive in these difficult months we have ahead,” he added.

Develop Consulting is looking for up to 10 new positions to be filled over the next three months, with most planned to be permanent positions.

Commercial Director, Max Pardo Roques said that past consultancy experience wouldn’t necessarily be key with these positions, as the company were looking for skillsets within the sectors which could be utilised.

He said: “There are lots of fantastic individuals working in improvement across the country and although they may not have past experience of management consultancy, they do have the skills, ability and understanding to take the leap into providing that kind of support. With a real mix of projects coming up, we’ll need a blend of people and skills joining the business.”

Candidates interested in making the leap into management consultancy, or those who already have experience in the field, are encouraged to apply via the Develop Consulting website.

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