Develop Consulting Team Continues to Grow

08 Jul 2022

The team at Develop Consulting has continued to grow with the appointment of two new members.

An experienced consultant and data analyst have joined the ranks at the Midlands-based consultancy, which announced at the start of the year its biggest recruitment drive to-date was underway.

James Scott has joined Develop Consulting as a consultant, and has for the past 12 years been leading the introduction of new processes, products and systems. He has worked for a number of major companies where his background includes automotive, rail, aeronautical manufacturing and chemical research and development.

George Rogers is a data analyst and has worked across the private, public and third sectors, including Public Health Wales and Deloitte. He will be bringing his expertise to the table in making processes more efficient and helping release thousands of labour hours through automating and improving upon the reporting capacities of information management systems for clients. His work with in the NHS helped bring their production of dashboard statistics for COVID-19 and the ONS mortality figures into an automated digital platform.

Steve Boam, Develop Consulting CEO said: “We know that both George and James will be fantastic additions to the team and bring a wealth of experience along with them. This year has been very busy for us as we continue to grow our client base and be able to continue spreading our experience to help businesses optimise resources, effort and people to create value for the customer.

“We are making sure they both are being introduced to clients throughout the next few weeks and we look forward to the coming months as they develop their own roles further.”

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