Midlands construction experts launch new diploma in collaborative working

24 May 2021

Develop Consulting expert to share knowledge in newly launched course

One of the UK’s leading experts in construction is set to become one of a dozen course tutors to spearhead an industry recognised diploma in Collaborative Working.

The newly launched course, which will take a year to complete, is being led by Constructing Excellence Midlands, and is set to start this September.

Participants of the inaugural diploma will be taught best industry practice along with being given the tools and techniques they need to do so. The diploma also aims to create the next generation of leaders within the construction industry, along with technology-led approaches.

Course tutor Steve Clark, who is Manufacturing and Construction Director for Midlands’ based Lean and transformation business Develop Consulting, will be leading the module on Process and Value Steam Mapping.

Mr Clark will be bringing his expertise from his position at Develop Consulting, along with being a former Construction Excellence Lean forum chair for the South West region.

Modules will also include leadership and team management, lean and continuous improvement, quality and compliance, and supply chain management.

Mr Clark said: “It really was an honour to be asked by Midlands chief executive Andrew Carpenter, to be part of something so important to our industry – and the fact that it’s the pilot course means we can structure it so we can teach the very latest skills to our participants.

“This is something quite different to anything available in our industry and is of real value to future leaders in the construction sector, featuring all the latest thought leadership. The twelve headings have been carefully selected that we think are important going forward. Usually construction qualifications are about basic construction management, but all of this is future thinking and securing excellence, strong management and the leading of projects.

“Already we have had a number of the UK’s top contractors and clients signing up and spaces are filling fast so we would advise those wanting to be on the course to sign up sooner rather than later for the autumn start,” he added.

There are a limited number of places available for the Diploma which is a Midlands initiative and is set to be rolled out nationwide in 2022.

For more information on the course visit this link

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