Leading consultancy urges businesses to invest in Lean methodology during Net Zero Week

21 Jun 2021

Investing in Lean is critical in achieving Net Zero

A leading Lean consultancy based in the Midlands has urged businesses to learn how to apply the streamlining methodology to help move towards carbon neutral status, during Net Zero Week.

Develop Consulting CEO Steve Boam (left) and his team of Improvement consultants are urging companies throughout the UK to start on their Net Zero journey

Steve Boam, CEO at Develop Consulting, has worked with some of the most high profile manufacturing and construction organisations around the world to improve performance, helping them minimise waste and become more efficient and effective in their processes through using Lean Thinking and associated tools.

The core ideas behind Lean methodology, which was developed in the 1950s in Japan through the Toyota Production System, is about the relentless pursuit of identifying and eliminating waste in all of its forms.

This ongoing pursuit of perfection and improvement not only in operations but business and supply chain wide is a key factor in assisting companies in achieving their Net Zero pledge.

Net Zero Week is a national awareness week running between 17 – 23 July and has been designed to generate awareness and momentum for businesses and consumers in starting the journey to decarbonise and work towards stopping climate change.

Mr Boam, who has a background working for Toyota in the UK and Japan, said he believed it was critical for all companies, not just within the construction and manufacturing sectors, to look at investing in, and implementing Lean Thinking to achieve less waste and be able to optimise people, resources and effort in the process, within the whole business and not just operations.

“I do think businesses now are becoming a lot more aware of their processes and are always looking for more ways to minimise waste, be that time, energy, resources or more recently energy and utilities. Many countries have now pledged to change policy and incentivise businesses to join in the drive to decarbonise, which has to start with a robust plan, which is something we strive to do with our clients in all of our projects.

When you have worked within a business for a number of years it is often hard to be able to step back and review how the company is running and how these changes can be made. This is where external expertise can help, as we are able to help review, prioritise and then support and not only apply these methods ourselves, but also train those within the workforce to use them continuously & sustainably once we have gone.

“During Net Zero Week I think this want to create a real change is more prevalent than ever and we have started to see more companies that we are working alongside starting to make their own pledges towards meeting net zero emissions by 2045 and have been asking us to assist them with this,” he added.

Develop Consulting currently are working with a number of companies across the UK in helping them make their first steps towards achieving their Net Zero pledges through the Lean methods, including on building sites, working with Modern Method of Construction (MMC) producers, healthcare providers and manufacturing industries.

For more background on the Lean methodology and how it can be used within a business, visit this link: https://develop-consulting.co.uk/post/what-is-lean-and-what-it-isn-t or to find out about improving a workplace efficiency, visit: https://develop-consulting.co.uk/post/the-5-lean-principles

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